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Phone radiation – 4G, 5G

I have been reading up about the possible dangers of phone ‘radiation’.

All people are prone to medical damage by phone radiation even though 80% of us don’t detect any symptoms. A few years ago there was a scare about people holding their phones to their heads for a long time when phoning. Phone experts tell us there is little problem, yet medical people/biologists assure us that this radiation can harm us. There is an issue of whether your own phone is damaging you ( regardless of all the other wifi stuff in our houses), but most of us are more concerned about the cell phone masts which broadcast a strong signal. Fortunately they are sited in isolated rural locations (around here). The current standard strongest signal is that of 4G.

I watched a lecture by an eminent Physicist / Biologist who reminded us of the possible dangers of microwave emitters in our pockets. She reminded us to store the phones away from our skin , and chest pockets/bra, and preferably listen with headphones, or leave some distance between phone and ear. She reminded us that our homes are full of microwave/bluetooth devices – phones, Alexa, Routers, Nest devices – and that we should be concerned about our exposure to these, as well as those outside.

There is a suggestion that both 4G and 5G frequencies kill or damage insects and birds [dependent on exposure and proximity]. We should use the precautionary principle to ensure that there is testing to try and show that these technologies are as safe as possible.

Remember the character in ‘Back to the Future’ who wore a tin foil hat? The good news is this will protect your brain, but not the rest of your body.

Research further:


2019 Parliamentary debate


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