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Retrofitting is the addition of improvements to your house – to make it warmer/cooler [insulation], to add solar panels/ heatpumps/batteries – to make you less reliant on mains electricity, etc

One day, a law will ensure that all new houses have such features built in, rather than added later.

Older properties – and some are 300yrs+ – were not built to withstand the heat and cold of predicted climate changes, and usually can be improved. It remains to be seen whether this can be done ‘invisibly’ or whether the improvements are acceptable to the eye, or to the Conservation authorities.

Discussions are starting to be had, about how much we want Suffolk to visibly change its appearance, retain inhabitants, or turn into a museum of decrepit villages.

Greener P&S are/have invited Solar installers to give us information about panels, heatpumps and batteries.

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