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Biodiversity is about having a wide variety of plants and animals in our biosphere. Nature has evolved such that all species have a purpose – yes even wasps and spiders! – and that we imbalance Nature at our peril, when we remove species but cutting down, uprooting, remove habitats, use chemicals/weedkillers.

In the village, in our gardens and in our fields.

  • we can encourage residents to plant more bee friendly plants (not all plants / flowers are bee friendly)
  • we can encourage residents to have a pond / accessible water in their gardens
  • we can have holes in our fencing to create access for hedgehogs
  • we can feed birds and provide nests/nesting material
  • we can leave an ‘uncut’ area in your garden, and allow Nature to ‘return’
  • we should avoid using Roundup (potential danger for humans as well as wildlife) and Slug pellets, and other chemical garden products

any other suggestions?

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