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Air pollution

What are we breathing?

Many of us have moved to Suffolk after living in cities, and have experienced air pollution, and expect Suffolk to have (relatively) clean air.

My Son visited and brought an air pollution monitor with him (Plume – internationally recognised) and tested it here.

So what did it measure? [taken on Hackney Rd, during the daytime]

PM2.5 – very small particulate matter which penetrates the lungs and can impair the lungs

PM10 – small particulate matter- again can penetrate the lungs

NO2 – Nitrogen Dioxide – a gaseous pollutant – can irritate the airways and lungs

VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds – organic chemicals in the air as a result of modern chemicals in paint, nail varnish, glue, cigarettes….

The levels were described as Very High partially as a result of the high PM2.5 levels next to the A1120 road traffic.

Not good news for those who live close to the main road, but the good news is that the levels reduce with distance away from roads, and/or protected by hedge/vegetation screening.

This is a pollution map for a drive to Halesworth and the coast –

Generally the levels were lower (considering we were driving on the roads). The unexpected spike in levels at Dunwich can only be explained by a high wind raising a fine spray, and blown wind – not all the cars in the car park.

See link here for detailed report on what air pollution is and what effect it has.

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