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Resilience is the term used to describe how ready you and your home are prepared for the changes anticipated by Climate Change experts.

Floods, droughts, storms, heatwaves – not unknown in the past, but/and foretold to be more common in the future.

You need to anticipate these potential problems and see if you are vulnerable. Don’t wait until disaster strikes.


There are a couple of places in the village which flood very easily – see the video on YouTube! – but a deluge in the wrong place could make your property more likely to flood. What can you do?


A storm / hurricane may well topple that tree near your house – where will it fall? That chimney and roof tiles you keep meaning to do something about – will it cost more to renovate now or wait for the anguish of disaster and claim off the insurance?

Heat / cold

Climate change suggests a future of extremes of cold and heat. How will you and your property survive – cold rooms, frozen pipes or heat damaged flat roofs etc.


You and your house may be vulnerable – as above – but you yourself may be socially vulnerable – unable to get shopping or care, in time of crisis.

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