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P’Hall 2050

try to look into the crystal ball:

by about 2035 –

  • You should not be able to buy new wood / coal/ oil boilers, or fire pits.
  • You can carry on using existing, or find S/Hand, but can you imagine the coast of the fuel.
  • You will not be able to buy new gas cookers, or coal/wood Agas – you could buy an induction stove. You could keep using your old one, while it works.
  • You will not be able to buy a new petrol/diesel car. Keeping using your old one or buy an EV. What’s the cost of petrol/diesel in 2050. Will you be able to buy spares for your old one?
  • Winters likely to be colder, wetter. Summer hotter and drier. Is your house going to cope [insulation, drains, gutters]. Add in a few tropical storms too.
  • To sell your house you will need an EPC. Even listed buildings [previously excluded] will need one. Government targets are that all buildings sold should be at a level C [ average at moment is a D] so you will all need to upgrade your insulation. [difficult for current listed building with this walls and Crittal windows].
  • On the plus side, we will be nearer the coast – well the coast will then be nearer to us.

Many if us won’t be around, but our kids and grandkids will. Inheriting a decrepit house in Suffolk could be a millstone around their neck.

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