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Climate emergency

2019 – Suffolk Council has declared a Climate Emergency

International Climate Scientists say this is an urgent problem

What does this mean for us

Without getting into the science of it, increasing CO2 levels will result in:

  • increasing extremes of temperatures – hotter summers and colder winters
  • increasing dryness/drought in summers, and increasing periods of heavy rain/ floods
  • increasing likeliness of extreme weather – storms, wind

These will all have an adverse effect on our lives and our health. Suffolk is already very dry, and is likely to get hotter and drier in summer.

The national response includes measures to reduce Carbon Dioxide levels:

  • stop using coal to produce electricity and instead turn to Renewables and Nuclear
  • set deadlines for future end of sales of Petrol/Diesel cars, and of gas and oil appliances in the home – cookers, central heating boilers. Also a likely ban/limit on the use of coal and wood as fuels in the home.

If we need to reduce Carbon levels in the atmosphere, this has repercussions for us-

  • using less fuels – mostly wood and oil for many of us – turning thermostats down, or keeping fuel costs high.
  • increasing use of solar energy, ground source heat pumps
  • increased insulation – walls and windows – to keep our heat in
  • driving less and/or using smaller vehicles or electric cars
  • planting more trees

What do you think?

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