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Green’ Twitter

I have included some of the many Twitter sites/handles that have a specifically green agenda. For those unfamiliar with Twitter, it is a fabulous source of information, as well as humour.

Ask for support on using Twitter if you want to be introduced.


Green media – @GreenPressMedia


Clean Air 2 Breathe – @AirFairy04

Tim Smedley – @TimSmedley

Defra Air UK – @DefraUKAir

Clean Air for all – @cleanairforall2

Smoke Pollution – @SmokePollution


TASC – @SayNoToSizewell

TEAGS – @TeagonSizewell

Paul Dorfman – @dorfman_p


life without plastic – @LifeWoutPlastic

Plastic Pollutes – @PlasticPollutes


Plant Life – @Love_plants

Butterfly conservation – @savebutterflies

The Wildlife Trusts – @WildlifeTrusts

RSPB Minsmere – @RSPBMinsmere

What / Who is you favourite ‘green’ twitter feed? Let me know


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