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Where does the grey bin waste go?

I visited the Great Blakenham Energy from Waste incinerator operated by SUEZ and Suffolk Council.

Here’s a little film I made

Everything in your grey bin is sent here to be incinerated. After burning, the ash is screened for metal (sold as scrap) and the ash sold for making building blocks.

Electricity is fed into the grid – enough for 39000 homes in 2018.

Reduces greenhouse gases cf. landfill. Very little need for any landfill now.

Will save £350 million for taxpayers over 25 years

You can visit if you like.

Whatever you put in any bin – make sure the right stuff goes in the right bin, and remember that some things do not go in either bin. You need to take them to the proper Community bins in the village (glass and textiles) or the Community site in Leiston (bigger items, specialist items like batteries and bulbs) etc.


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