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Green Agenda for Peasenhall area

A Green Agenda for Peasenhall and surrounding area.

1.Reduce verge cutting through the village

keep a diverse biosphere

2.Increase tree and hedge planting

for oxygen/carbon cycle, homes for birds, insects and mammals

3.establish charging points for Electric vehicles

enourage EV with a charging infrastructure

4.establish a water refilling point for personal water bottles

alternative to unhealthy bottles water

5.encourage residents to leave a wild space in their garden to support birds,insects,mammals

to encourage a diverse biosphere

6.encourage car sharing – reducing personal mileage

a bus route might help, especially if electric/hydrogen

7.warn homeowners of the health risks associated with wood-burning stove emissions

8 million people dying of smoke associated health risks / causes of death

8.discourage the use of plastic bags – even so-called biodegradable bags

less plastic in the sea

9.discourage the domestic and agricultural use of chemical solutions – weedkillers etc.

its killing our wildlife and ruining the soil and water supply

10.keep the Gul clear for drainage in the case of excessive rain.

Even if its a once in 10years flood – we want the drain to work

11.Encourage the Insulation of all houses to reduce fuel/carbon use

to use less fuel / carbon, and emit less pollution

12.Raise awareness of the implications for the future ban on oil CH boilers, diesel and petrol cars

to inform future replacement in a sustainable way.



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