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Blue Campaign

met Amy at the Greener Sax fair in Sax at the weekend. She drew my attention to this site (I don’t know if its her site or she’s associated with it – Amy tell me)


Rewilding Britain 


A natural solution to climate change and restoring biodiversity.

A simple, no-cost way for YOU to help restore nature across Britain.

Choose an area of YOUR  lawn and don’t cut this area until the winter – let the grass grow naturally into a wild grass and flower meadow. 

If you wish to supplement with wild flower seed then best to wait a season or two until you see which wild flowers are already there. – many seed mixes from packets do not favour your soil type.  Nature will select those that will grow well.

Do not forget that we are rewilding for nature – not for us – and this does not necessarily mean a garish flush of poppies and other colours is what nature wants? We must consider the needs of insects, birds and small mammals, and many of these need  both long grasslands as well as wild flowers .

Put a BLUE heart in the ground made out of re-cycled materials to show that you CARE for nature.

You’ll find an abundance of new life will appear with the long grass; crickets, beetles, snails, wild flowers, birds, butterflies and hedgehogs.

Join the community and SHARE photographs of your new little nature reserve with us on Facebook @bluecampaignhub

This is a great idea. many of us are trying to leave a bit (or a lot!) of our garden wild. How about an open garden day next summer to share good practice.


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